Robinsons Fencer Package CP 250

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Product code: 410010000

4100100002885 £107.99 Out of stock


Robinsons Fencer Package                CP 250

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Details & Care

This fencing kit contains everything you'll need for your first temporary electric fence, except the main battery. With a range of different batteries available, we recommend you use a car battery or leisure battery as they are ready available and can be re-charged.
The CP250 Constant Power Energiser features a patent circuit, as the battery runs down, the output from the energiser will remain the same. This means the electric fence will be working at 100% all of the time, right up to the point when the battery needs replacing. The CP250 unit can provide instant power output for up to 4000 metres of single strand fencing and up to 2000 metres of dual strand fencing.
It's suitable for all around the farm, strip grazing or paddocks, is powered by 12v wet cell battery (not included) or two internal 6v batteries (included) which can be used for back-up power when the 12v battery is being recharged. The unit has a battery low indicator, fence line indicator, output indicator plus integral earth stake. To order replacement back-up batteries see item code 41310.
The package includes 2 end-strainers to ensure tension on the fencing tape, of which 300 metres of 12.5mm white fencing tape on a reel is supplied. This tape has 4 stainless steel strands of wire cross-woven into the tape and one interconnecting conductor which allows all the wires to be re-energised if there is a break in a wire.
To carry the fencing tape the pack includes 20 white insulated posts, 87cm tall. These are easy to erect and tread into the ground via the foot support. When erecting the posts they should be spaced no more than five metres apart. Height quoted is height above ground.
There is also a warning sign. The warning is written in several different languages. Recommended spacing in areas of public access is every fifty metres. Warning signs must be displayed every 50 metres where electric fences run along public roads and pathways.
If you're installing an electric fence for the first time then this is a great package to get you started!

* CP250 energiser
* 20 fencing posts, 87cm high
* 300 metres of 12.5mm tape on reel
* Warning sign
* 2 end strainers
* 2 lantern back-up batteries

Here are the Top Ten rules to make your electric fence work properly!

1 Keep your fence as free from growth as possible – Growth impairs the output of every commercial appliance and results in increased power consumption, especially with battery-driven appliances.
2 Make sure that the earthing is optimal.
3 Do not connect two conductive plastic wires by tying them – Use special conductors.
4 Fence wire/tape/rope must not be broken.
5 Use conductive material having the best possible conductivity – i.e. Low resistance.
6 Keep fence wire and earthing rod free from rust – Rust is an insulator.
7 Weather-beaten or nagged insulators are unsuitable – Causes a high loss of output.
8 Ensure connection between the energiser and wire is optimal – Use cable resistant to high voltage for underground feeds.
9 With battery-driven energisers, check battery condition regularly.
10 Ensure that each point of the fence is live using an electric fence tester.

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