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Brand Ambassador – Welcome to the Team blog! 

We’re excited to welcome Georgia aka @Diary_of_a_dun to Team Robinsons as our new and first ever Brand Ambassador. You might already recognise Georgia as she recently joined us at HOYS and took over our Instagram page to share the behind the scenes of this amazing event. She has also worked with us on our popular Tried and Tested products as well as some exciting competitions. A Brand Ambassador for Robinsons Equestrian is something we’ve always wanted to do and to start this journey off we felt Georgia had gone that one step further. Someone that loves Robinsons Equestrian, understand our goals, is genuine, funny, hardworking but above all loves horses and the products we sell. Here’s a quick Q & A to find out more about Georgia, her pony Barny and her equestrian lifetstyle… .

Tell us a little about yourself to our Robinsons customers? 

Hey, I’m Georgia Russell, or better known as Diary Of A Dun! I’m a mature event rider, mum, farmers wife, social media over sharer and just generally busy with life!! I took to Instagram 3 years ago to share the journey of my (accidentally) homebred yellow pony and now, all these years on, I share everything in between!

How did you first become interested in horses? 

I first became interested in horses when I was about 6/7 years old. We moved to the New Forest from West London, and it was love at first sight! I started out at a local riding school having a lesson on a Saturday and then hanging round all weekend doing chores to earn an extra ride. From there, I was so lucky to buy the first pony I ever sat on, joined our local pony club and that’s where the love of eventing comes from!  

Could you tell us more about Barny and the other animals you have in your life? 

So Barny made a surprise entry into our lives! We bought his mum from a race dealer, and I think we had her for about 5 months, pony club eventing, hunter trials and riding all over the countryside and one day, she just seemed off. We got the vet out and sure enough she was in foal! A week later out popped Barns! He is now 11 years old and is my absolute heart horse! He will never ever leave the yard! I also have a tiny Shetland called Boris; he was bought as a companion for Barny but now he is the ultimate kids pony! I also have 2 dogs, Jess and Allie, lots of sheep and cows!


Talk us through your daily routine. You do an amazing job juggling horses, work, family life and helping on the farm? 

Yes! I honestly have no idea how I fit it all in! So, we get up in the morning, have breakfast, get dressed and then head to the yard. It’s nice at the moment because the boys all live out, so no mucking out required! We walk the dogs and then I drop Caleah at nursery and head off to work till 5pm. After work it’s back to the yard and time to help with whatever might need doing on the farm, I like to try and get in a ride and then it’s back home to get dinner ready, Caleah bathed and down to bed. In between all of that I also try to create as much content for Instagram as possible, clean the house, do a bit of DIY, work on my little side business, clean the yard, the list honestly goes on!  

What’s your favourite discipline and why? 

EVENTING! Hands down! I couldn’t just do one as I love the thrill of the day and doing it all. But if I had to choose then it would be x-country. I get scared for sure, but I thrive off the adrenaline and so does Barns! 

Name a few Horse brands you love and you can’t live without? 

I thought this would be a tough one to answer, but really, they have just popped into my head so easy! Charles Owen; I have ridden in their hats since day one! I wouldn’t go with any other brand. Second has to be Posh Muckerz; they came into my life last year and have been fab for riding in the rain, clipping, lambing and just general messy jobs! I now have two sets of coveralls and the gloves! And lastly, Ariat. I have had numerous pairs of their boots and more recently lots of their clothing and the quality is hard to beat! 

Who inspires you in the Equestrian world? 

Now this is hard as I have so many people I look up to for different reasons. Pippa Funnel will always be an equestrian hero of mine! She was the first major rider I ever got to meet and was such a genuine person. She’s an absolute superb rider and horsewoman.  

What do you enjoy most about working with Robinsons?

When I was first asked to work with Robinsons I think I jumped up and down and called my mum! I was honoured I work with a brand that I had bought from for so, so many years! It’s amazing working with Harriet and the rest of the team because it is exactly that, a big team relationship. The brands that Robinsons stock are also amazing and constantly being added to and I’m so happy to genuinely promote and rave about them because I have known of them my entire riding life.  

We love following your journey on Instagram/Facebook and your Vlogs, why did you start using social and Vlogging?

I started vlogging originally to share the journey of Barns and I. It’s now progressed into equestrian, parenthood, countryside lifestyle, infertility struggles and so much more! I don’t have as much time as I used to vlog as much now, I have Caleah, but I try and make time when I can. I still love it though, and so when I do get the odd vlog in it’s so enjoyable.  

 What’s your aim for 2022?

My aims for 2022?? Honestly, I have no idea. I’m awful for putting too much pressure on myself so any goals I do have are very fluid. I would love to step up to BE90, to keep being the best mum I can, and I think it would be great to do some more western riding on Barns as we both really enjoy it! Maybe I’ll swap the show jumps for barrels?? Other than that, at the moment my main goal is just to enjoy life and go with the flow!!

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