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Tried & Tested 

We all have our favourites when it comes to riding boots and we also know how challenging it can be to find that perfect fit, whether it be calf size, leg length, comfort, material, style the list goes on! Us equestrians know what we like and since we spend so much time in the saddle, we need to make sure whichever riding boot we do go for, it needs to make us feel secure and safe.

These past few weeks Georgia AKA Diary Of A Dun has been testing out the new Ariat Ascent Tall Boots. She has been wearing these stunning boots in her day to day routine a long with taking them to camp and lessons. The Ascent Tall Boots came out a few months ago and has really taken the Equestrian market by storm, due to their sporty styling and comfort.

Georgia started riding a lot later than others but her dedication, training and passion for horses really shows and we thought she would be the perfect person to put the Ariat Boots through our Robinsons Equestrian tried & tested review!

Reviewer: Diary Of A Dun | Georgia - Instagram @diary_of_a_dun

Product: Ariat Ascent Tall Boots 

What was your first impression when you opened the box? 

I usually go for a sleek smooth finish when I’m looking for a pair of boots and so I was a little worried before opening the box that I wasn’t going to get on with the boots because they are so different. However, I was wowed! I literally couldn’t wait to try them on!!

Was the Ariat Ascent Tall boot easy to put on? 

Omg! YES!! Just undo the velcro tabs and the back zip and my feet popped in easily. 

How was the fit and comfort of the boot? 

Usually when you get a new pair of boots your looking at a good few hours of wearing in and there is a very high chance of blisters until the boots have worn a little. These boots though, are the complete polar opposite! I put them on and they just felt like a pair of comfy trainers. The elastic around the ankle gives great support and it’s soft. I rode for about 1.5 hours after first putting them on and they were so comfy! 

What is your favourite feature? 

It has to be the flexibility! Some mornings I put them on, ride, muck out, do the nursery run and walk the dogs. Literally spend all day in them and my feet never become sore! 

How do they compare to other riding boots you have tried? 

They are a lot more comfortable than other boots I have previously worn! 

Where would you wear them? 

Like I said before I could literally wear them for everything! I don’t think they would be my go to riding boot for an event, however for training, clinics and local shows they are perfect! 

Would you recommend them? 

Yes for sure, and I have done as I have been asked so much about them because they catch people’s attention for being so different. 

Did they meet everything you look for in a riding boot?

Yes and more! For a training boot I don’t think you could find anything better! 

What have you been impressed by?

Comfort is key! A few years ago I took and nasty fall and broke my leg pretty bad and so it’s so important that I have something that it comfortable and supportive. These boots tick both of those boxes 100%! 

Shop the Ariat Ascent Tall Boots here

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