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Reviewer: Rose

Product: Dublin Westport Boots

We all love a country boot let’s be honest, whether we’re wearing them around the yard, on country walks with our dog, at the races or dressing up to meet friends. Which is why it’s so important for us equestrians to find the perfect pair of boots… or two! A country boot needs to meet so many requirements to keep our feet and legs comfortable and stylish.

These past few weeks Rose has been testing out the new Dublin Westport Boot. A country boot that was recently launched and we were keen to take a closer look at.

Rose has been a keen rider since she was a teenager and has been riding horses for 40 years, buying and loaning horses and ponies along the way. She now is a keen member of the South Devon Riding Club enjoying her new loan horse Oscar, who she hopes to do some low level competiting and fun rides with this year.

What was your first impression when you opened the box? 

My first impression was just WOW! You always wonder when you’re buying anything that is a lot of money how good it is going to be. To be honest the boots looked stunning, and I was happily surprised.

Was the country boot easy to put on? 

Yes, all I had to do was loosen the laces a little and undo the full-length zip, my foot then slid in easily. There was no battle at all and you could put them on quick if you were in a rush.

How was the fit and comfort of the boot? 

Very good, I am a size 6 and the fit was true to size. I did wonder about my calf, but they were super comfortable around my leg. You can however see Dublin have thought about this with the elastic panels at the back, so they can expand. They are very well-made too; the soft leather is so comfortable and lovely to touch.

What is your favourite feature? 

Love the style and my favourite part is the striking laces up the front. 

How do they compare to other country boots you have tried? 

Just as comfortable as others I have tried but much more stylish. 

Where would you wear them?

I would wear them in all areas of the equestrian lifestyle, from competitions to county shows. I also think they make for a great everyday wear and can be partnered with any outfit.

Would you recommend them? 

Yes, I would and already have recommended them!

Did they meet everything you look for in a country fashion boot?

Yes, most definitely. They are stylish whilst still practical and extremely comfortable.


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